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50115pGlamory Hosiery offers its customers innovative and attractive products stocking goods up to US size 32.

Glamory’s Story!

Glamory Hosiery of Germany started the distribution of hosiery since 2005. Since 2010 we work exclusively for the italian LVT Group with brands like Levante and Pierre Cardin. They use our distribution network in Germany. With our machinery and technicians we produce the plus sizes styles, some hold-up styles are co-created by Italian designers. It is a very unique collection of Plus Size Styles, the production takes place in Germany. Laces and yarns are made from suppliers in Italy and Portugal.

“We want our customers to any occasion with the perfect leg wear ”
says CEO Sven Bork, of the company along with Dennis Hoffert
forwards . “Our products combine timeless elegance with functional properties. ”

Women with curves are demanding the same choices in hosiery with tights, stockings, and thigh highs that are not a one size fits all or a queen size. Glamory Hosiery has those choices with a total of six size ranges up to a dress size of 32.

50137pOur Story!

Lingerie and in particular Stockings and Thigh Highs, makes a women feel feminine,full of fun, sexy and desirable. She becomes her own fantasy! If she feels confident on the inside that confidence will radiate to the outside.

Besides the fact that wearing thigh highs and stockings are better for you. Wearing stockings and thigh highs are very feminine and luxurious.

We are Tim and Delilah. I has always appreciated Stockings and Thigh Highs as most men do. Delilah is 6’2″ and has always been in the plus size range. We have had a hard time finding hosiery that really actually fits properly. Because of my appreciation for them, I must have purchased every brand that said they made plus size and 1X,2X,3X, hosiery. Some fit okay as long as you wore a long dress but none fit properly. I discovered a few brands on some websites across the ocean. One of them was Glamory. They came in six different sizes. I figured one has to fit properly. I ordered the size the chart said would fit her and the next two sizes up. I waited a lifetime (two weeks) for them to show up.  Delilah tried on the 1XL size and they fit perfectly. Since Delilah likes to wear them a little higher up the leg she also tried on the 2XL and 3XL. The 2XL fit perfectly where she likes them and the 3XL fit fine as well. I ordered several (and by several I mean 10) pairs. Just in case they laddered or snagged. Fortunately Glamory Thigh Highs and Stocking are very high quality. They last a long time and very durable. The only draw back was having to wait for them and the dollar is so weak to the Euro and Pound.  I contacted Glamory and asked if they sold their product here in the United States and who I could order them from. They told me they are not yet sold in the United States but hope to be soon. Because I believe in their hosiery so much, I told them that I was interested in selling Glamory Hosiery here in the states. The rest is history, well I did have to explain what I said to Glamory to my wife. Which she just shook her head and said,”of course you did.”

Thank you,

Tim and Delilah