Hosiery For Tall

Hosiery for tall people has always been a problem. Whether your legs are long, your torso is longer, or some combination of the two, it can be super tricky finding lengthy hosiery that fit perfectly. If you’re looking for tights that won’t force you to pull them so hard you create holes in the feet. Tights that won’t leave you with a droop because they can’t be pulled higher than your pelvic bone. Holdups or stockings that reach up to the top third of your thighs. Glamory has the perfect styles for you. Our hosiery fits high on the leg up to a forty inch inseam. To learn more about our sizing check out our blog post.

Glamory understands the need for fashionable hosiery such as seamed tights, footless tights and fishnet tights. We also know that women want a choice in the type of hosiery they wear from thigh highs in both stockings and hold-ups. Which also offers seamed and fishnets as well as a 20 denier sheer to 70 denier opaque stockings and hold-ups. All in colors Black, Red, Makeup, White, Teint (Nude) and Champagne.

How To Put On Tights

We have created a video that illustrates the best way to put on Tights or Pantyhose.