GLAMORY Thigh Highs – How To

What is the proper fit or way to wear thigh high holdups or stockings? That is the million dollar question. We are not about to say that we know how one should wear them properly. What we will discuss is how we believe the proper fit is for Glamory Hosiery.

Wearing holdup or stockings has a variety of reasons or purposes to wear them. You can wear them for health reasons. Holdup and stockings are healthier to wear than tights or pantyhose. They are also cooler and should be more comfortable.

Fun and Sassy

Some will wear them to be fun and sassy and want to show off the welts and others want them to be discovered and part of the seduction with their partner. Others will wear them for themselves, to feel sexy and express their personality under the standard conservative office attire. Let’s face it, having the tops of the hosiery on full display may not be appropriate in the office or corporate environment. Glamory Hosiery is classic, sexy and is meant to be discovered! This makes Glamory Hosiery perfect to wear to the office and into the night on that special date.

Thigh Highs

Glamory Thigh-Highs

Fun & sassy, Glamory hosiery will fit you the way we feel they should. There’s no chafing with our fit & look how they enlongate the look of your legs.

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Our Thigh Highs Fit

Glamory Hosiery is the only hosiery available in the U.S. that goes past the standard height and weight of 6’ and 200 lbs. or even 260 lbs. or 35” inseam. Unless you are taller than 6’7” or an inseam measurement over 43” and over 370 lbs. or thigh circumference over 41” our hosiery will fit you the way we feel they should. You will not have to worry about the welt showing or getting unwanted attention or looks from the people around you.

We created a sizing guide after testing the fit on many fit models of all shapes and sizes from a person that is a size 4 to a size 32. At Glamory, we discovered what we always knew – that Glamory Hosiery is more than a plus size hosiery company. Glamory truly is, “luxury hosiery made in my size.”

Our guide addresses the area in which you are wearing the thigh high holdups. Just as you base the bra you wear on the measurements of your over and under bust, the same base applies to your hosiery.

We feel the welt should be on the top third of your thigh or higher if you like. Wearing the welt higher also helps with chafing of the inner thighs. This also firms and smooths your thighs, and elongates your legs.