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Glamory Silk Skin50 Tights are made with the science of EMANA®. Improve your skin smoothness and increase the skin firmness and elasticity. In other words look younger and silky skin.

Do you have difficulties with cellulite around the hips, stomach, and/or thigh areas? Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with how much you weigh, but actually your type of skin. Nearly all women of all shapes and sizes have experienced some issues with cellulite, but now we can offer you the perfect solution.
Available in standard and plus sizes, the 50 den tights will chip away at cellulite around trouble areas. Fitted with a body shaping panty and extra wide thigh area, these opaque tights are not only comfortable, but give you better results the longer you wear them. To obtain the cellulite removing effects from these tights, we recommend that you wear them for a minimum of 60 consecutive days for at least 6 hours per day

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